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New Album : Blind Pig

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Crafted around the world… Pieces of industrial, punk, post punk,

power rock, metal, dance rock and more… Play it Loud!!
Blind Pigicon-downloadicon-downloadicon-download
  1. Crash, Burn, Sin
  2. Love Me Like a Spy
  3. Devil’s Night (Chitown Mix)
  4. Impossible Mission
  5. Ahead (Electro Version)
  6. Devil’s Night (Street Version)
  7. Ahead (Street Mix)
Detroit meets Bucharesticon-download
  1. Devils’ Night
  2. Crash, Burn, Sin
  1. Wide Open 2.0
  2. Sunny Rainy Day
  3. Shanghai
  4. Happy Accident
South Michigan Affair
  1. Dancing in the Shadows
  2. The History of Fear
  3. Pleasure in Gray
  4. Love Me Like a Spy
  5. Where Are They Now
One Million MPH
  1. Pudding Cups
  2. Sometimes
  3. Actions
  4. One Million MPH
  5. Swell
  6. The Pipe
  7. Leap
  8. Underneath It All
  9. I’ll Never Tell
  10. Gauge Me
Tijuana Donkey Show
  1. Whisper
  2. Big Wrong
  3. 17 Acts 21
  4. Same Thing Same Way
  5. Want Ad
  6. Because of You
  7. Luxury Auto
  8. My Own Business
  9. Less is More
  10. Commit the Act
  11. You Apologize
  12. Distance
Ate 8 Eight
  1. Black and Blue Tears
  2. Envy
  3. Zina
  4. What’s a Man To Do
  5. Tobacco Road
  6. Thirst
  7. Mystery Confession
  8. Ate 8 Eight
  9. Shadow of a Doubt
Color Line
  1. Garden
  2. Alley Cat
  3. Everytime
  4. Safety in Numbers
  5. Love is like Oxygen
  6. This Girl
  7. Wedgelock
  8. Angry With Passion
  9. Truth In Lies
  10. The Color Line
  1. Substitution
  2. Bed
  3. I’m Alone
  4. Phobia
  1. Worker
  2. Slaughter Me
  3. Snicker
  4. Terminal Joy
  5. Hamtramck
  6. Fair Novelties
  1. Long Version
  2. Short Version
Death and Love
  1. Slaughter Me
  2. Where Do You Run To?
  3. Waterbody
  4. It’s All Over in April

Bucharest Documentary - Balta Alba


Terminal White will be featured in a documentary film “Balta Alba” that chronicles music and art from Bucharest, Romania.  The film is due for release in Fall 2014, and will be screened at a variety of international film festivals around the world.   Check out the Terminal White performance video from the film featuring their new single Crash, Burn, Sin.

Terminal White is the brainchild of David Pistrui, John Burns and Phil Rainey from Chicago, in collaboration with Codrut “Duke” Bendovski, Sorin “Pepino” Vasile, Sorin “Pupe” Tanse and “Gabi “Pipai” Andries from Bucherest.  



David has deep Romanian roots having traveled across the country during the communist era and living in Romania.  David grew up in a Romanian – American household and spent several years living in Bucharest, he calls Balta Alba home.

David remembers his time here as the most musically prolific part of his life and sees Balta Alta as a source of inspiration.


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Balta Alba Documentary

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Crash, Burn, Sin
  1. Crash, Burn, Sin
  2. Love Me Like a Spy
  3. Devil’s Night (Chitown Mix)
  4. Impossible Mission
  5. Ahead (Electro Version)
  6. Devil’s Night (Street Version)
  7. Ahead (Street Mix)