Terminal White was born in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago, in 1983, when David Pistrui and John Burns began writing, recording and performing in Chicago nigh clubs. Patrick Fulton, who introduced David and John, also made some noise with the band during the early days. Producing a series of demos on a 4 track, Terminal White gained critical acclaim in clubs like Exit, Neo, Berlin, Orbit Room and Joz (Metro), and on local college radio stations WNUR, WZRD, WLUW and WHPK.

In 1984 Phil Rainey joined the band on drums, later moving on to bass and keys. The band released a series of successful records including Death and Love, Hamtramck, Worker, Substitution and the Colorline. Rick “Kick” Kubic, Mark Mattucci and Tom Corrao, all had stints as drummers through the late 1980s. Mike Rawnsley (RIP) of Straightjacketbazooka also contributed during this period.

Dave Best, the founder of Roadkill Records, played sax off and on for many years, while Tom Klein, from Spy’s Who Surf did a handful of shows on guitar.

During the 1980s and early 90s Terminal White garnished extensive college radio, and respectable commercial airplay, charting across the US. Their sound began to make in roads in Europe, Japan and South America. Working with director, William “Skip” Fantry, Terminal White produced videos for Slaughter Me and Hamtramck, that charted in the US, Europe and Japan. Skip contributed to the visual and technical components of the band as well for several years.

In the early 1990s, Terminal White leader David Pistrui began to split his time between Chicago, Bucharest, Barcelona and Frankfurt. Two new lineups emerged, one in Bucharest, the other in Chicago.

Joining David in Bucharest in 1992 were Codrut “Duke” Bendovski, Sorin “Pepino” Vasile, Sorin “Pupe” Tanase, and Robert “Wolfie” Anghelescu. Andrei “Stane” Stanoevici also contributed in the later 1990s. “Gabi “Pipai” Andries has worked with the band for years, and is instrumental in the bands music. This lineup released Ate 8 Eight and One Million MPH.

The Romanian version of Terminal White met much acclaim on radio, TV, clubs, and festivals from the early 1990s to today. Terminal White enjoys strong European roots with followings in Romania, the UK, Germany, Holland, Spain, Italy and Greece.

Back Stateside during the mid to late 1990s, David teamed up with Codrut “Duke” Bendovski, Michael “Sulli Sullivan, Ron Wilcox, Ninos George, Dan “Randy” Dunkle, Dave Best and for a short time, Tom Hesslin, to write and record the Tijuana Donkey Show, which was released with a series of concerts and promotional events in the US and Europe in the late 1990s.

In the 2000s, John and David reunited, while David continued to also work with the Romanian crew. Together they begin to write, record and preform new material on both continents. In the mid 2000s, Terminal White released South Michigan Affair with Zach Hench, Gustaf Josefsson, Steve Drane and Keith Dukavicius joining the band for a series of sessions and concerts.

In 2013, Terminal White released Fifty a four song EP that was written and recorded in Chicago. Videographer Stefan “Fane” Todor, directed a video for the single Wide Open. Tom Corrao rejoined the band, and Daniel Montoya joined as the band set out to play a series of shows in support of this new material. During the summer of 2013, David, John, Phil and Tom shared the stage together for the first time since the late 1980s! Talk continues of a full reunion…

During the fall of 2013 and, summer of 2014, David, John, Codrut, Pepino, Pupe, and Pipai joined forces to begin work on Blind Pig, a new collection of material being written, recorded and preformed in the US and Europe.

The first single, Crash, Burn, Sin was featured in a video produced and directed by Alexandra Dumitrescu and team in Bucharest.

The band is currently working with Alex Sin and Silviu Munteanu of the Romanian Foundation for Art and Information, on the production and promotion of Balta Alba, a documentary film that chronicles music and art from Bucharest, Romania. David is interviewed, and the band performs their new single, Crash, Burn, Sin. The film is scheduled for release in 2015, and will be screened at a variety of film festivals around the world.

Currently, Terminal White is finishing work on the Blind Pig, EP project, including production of new music and videos, scheduled for release in early 2015. The band is planning to play a series of shows in the US and Europe in support of the new release.

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Crash, Burn, Sin
  1. Crash, Burn, Sin
  2. Love Me Like a Spy
  3. Devil’s Night (Chitown Mix)
  4. Impossible Mission
  5. Ahead (Electro Version)
  6. Devil’s Night (Street Version)
  7. Ahead (Street Mix)